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location What was accomplished? 12/26/2011
what was not?
Meeting on Security.
First, thank you for writing to the officials...
location How Do We Reduce Easily 12/22/2011
Preventable Crime?
The Power of Commitment!
While we cannot eliminate all crime, we...
location Let Us Write Directly To Jonathan 03/31/2009
Pollard. He Needs To
Know He Is Not Forgotten.
It has been 8531 days that Jonathan Pollard...
location What Does Rabbi Sharfman's 12/29/2008
Shiur And Lay's Potato
Chips Have In Common?
After attending a shiur of Rabbi Dovid Sharfman...
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3 Main Goals of JewishNewsSite.org
1. Create a platform allowing members of each Jewish Community around the world to be more unified and involved within the community and more aware of overall community news especially when...
A Check List For A Safer Community!
Better home and street lighting, trimmed bushes, more mobile patrols and a significant reduction in the number of access points to the community will help make our community a safer place to...
Keep Urgent Matters Updated Timely
When there is no time to waste and assistance of the community or the world is needed, Any member of any Jewish Community can post to the "Updated Urgent Matters" Section and update it as needed...
The Most Important Lessons of Life
What 4 or 5 lessons have you learned in your life that you wish you were born knowing? Share them in our Golden Rules of Success section. They can be about anything. It is a great opportunity...
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location Criminal In Red & White Jordan Sneaker. 04/28/2013
That And His Build May Be Only Clues.
Keep an eye our for him.
location The Devil is in the Details 09/03/2014
Economies of Scale with the cameras.
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Do you know who committed any of these crimes?
If so, call the police and then 305.655.1234
location 01/24/2012 - Schneider Fuzeme, Burglar  CAPTURED
In the last 30 days, there were 18 burglaries on the other side of the canal between 167th Street and 183rd Street,...
location 01/24/2012 - Mezuzah Thief Suspect   
The man in this picture, claiming to be in need of assistance, has been going door to door and in Young Israel collecting...
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Free Jonathan Pollard Now!
His 25th Year In Prison has begun!!
Jonathan Pollard was convicted of one count of passing classified information to an ally, Israel. Israel used the information to destroy Iraq's nuclear reactor. The average sentence for this crime is 2-4 years.

Ask everyone to request President Obama Free Pollard. Use this automated pre-addressed, pre-written letter writer. We need 1,000 letters a month to get the President's attention. Edit the letter as desired.
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