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09/03/2014 The Devil is in the Details Economies of Scale with the cameras.
09/03/2014 This Burglar Owns The Streets Today But He Will Not Tomorrow!
08/31/2014 How Has Crime Been Since The Murder? 
04/28/2013 Criminal In Red & White Jordan Sneaker. That And His Build May Be Only Clues.
03/24/2013 Update on Security for Passover 
03/23/2013 5 Thugs Mug Man Walking Home From Shul. We Must Be More Vigilant.
03/18/2013 Armed Robbery In Early Evening. BOLO Older brown 4 door small car.
12/28/2012 Suspected Thief Targets Jews and Jewish Communities.
12/13/2012 The Burglars That Did Not Get Away! Great Police Work.
11/21/2012 There Is A Clear Pattern To The Last 24 Burglaries.
11/21/2012 A Simple Plan To Avoid Significant  Damage From A Burglary.
11/16/2012 Security Alert Update. 
11/15/2012 More Than Just Delivering Flyers! 
11/12/2012 No Arrests Made The Night The Perimeter Created By 25 Officers.
11/11/2012 Most Burglaries Are Routine. Not This One.
11/10/2012 Fed Ex Offers To Partner with Our Community in Crime Fighting.
11/07/2012 25 Officer Perimeter in The Community. 
11/05/2012 Keep Your Eyes Opened For a white 1997 - 1998 Toyota Camry With Tinted Windows.
11/03/2012 NE 174th Street and 7th Court. 
10/29/2012 Uriel Is Arrested For Possession of Cannabis.

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