Robert Dowdell
Driver, UPS - North Miami Beach - FL

UPS man Robert comes to the aid of neighbor in Terrifying situation.
Robert Dowdell delivers and he does so in every sense of the word. When a neighbor needs a package, there is no one anyone would rather see bringing it than Robert. He is friendly, kind, good natured and treats everyone in the community as if he is a part of the community and serving the community is his pleasure. That alone makes Robert special to the community.

But it was a delivery he made on what just started out as an ordinary day in April of 2007 that led to Robert Dowdell being nominated as a neighborhood hero. He was in the neighborhood and heard the screams for help of a child. Quickly, he ran to see what he could do. He found that the child’s bike had just been stolen and he took his truck and searched for the thief. He recovered the bike and delivered it to the child’s house. If the story ended there it would be a great story but it does not.

When the child heard Robert, she ran from the closet where she was hiding with the baby she was watching. She was terrified of the 5 or 6 kids trying to break in by swinging chairs against the sliding glass door to the house. Robert immediately confronted the kids and removed them from the screened patio and delivered peace of mind to the young terrified child.

For his kindness, his courage and his willingness to be involved, our community recognizes Robert Dowdell as a hero.

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