Linda M. Loizzo
Former Chief, NMB Police Department - NMB, Florida

Courage and Leadership of The Chief Made Us All Safer
Before her retirement in September of 2007, Chief Linda M. Loizzo had been with the NMB police department for over 33 years and was very involved in the community. She served on many boards and hosted many major conferences.

Often the City of NMB’s undercover Crime Suppressant Team members under the Chief's leadership positioned themselves to observe crime before it happened. As a result, suspects have been arrested in and around our neighborhood and even outside our area before they had a chance to get away. That made them easier to identify, apprehend and prosecute.

For this alone, the Chief deserves our gratitude.

But what distinguished Chief Loizzo was her courage to undertake causes that were unpopular and massive. The Chief did so even though she knew that in the short term doing so would not enhance the image of her City but she did so anyway since she had the foresight to know that in the long term her residents would be safer. The Chief understands well that problems do not resolve themselves and pretending they do not exist does not make them disappear.

One recent situation that exemplifies this attribute of Linda Loizzo was her response to youth and gang violence. It is a problem that existed and exists far beyond her City's borders. It would have been easier for the Chief to wait for someone else to organize a group to deal with the situation especially an official whose constituency includes all of North Miami-Dade and South Broward, but she was very proactive and courageous. Chief Loizzo hired two of the Country's foremost authorities on youth and gang violence to conduct an analysis and give recommendations regarding comprehensive responses to the increase in youth and gang violence in our area.

The Chief understood that since the problem existed way beyond her City's borders, involvement from the relevant governmental agencies and political leaders of all areas of North Dade and South Broward was needed. Law enforcement and community leaders quickly stepped to the plate but political leaders and the media shied away like it was the plague. Chief Loizzo had the full support of NMB Mayor Raymond F. Marin and our community. Now it is long past time to get other political leaders and a new chief involved.

It is likely that because of Chief Loizzo's Leadership regardless of where one lives in North Dade or South Broward, his or her safety was enhanced because of Chief Loizzo.

For her courage and leadership, our community recognizes Chief Linda M. Loizzo as our hero.

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