Nigel Morrison
Detective, NMB Police Department - NMB - FL

Detective Catches Little Trouble Maker Before He Becomes a Big Trouble Maker
Given the amount of crime, finding the person that caused about $500 damage to Marie St. Louis' 1998 Honda by spray painting it may not seem like it would draw much attention, but it did. Detective Nigel Morrison was one of two detectives that earnestly investigated that incident and many different criminal mischief cases until they finally were able to apprehend the person responsible for the damage that had been reported in various parts of the City of North Miami Beach.

Not ignoring the minor incidents is the first step in keeping criminals from graduating to major incidents.

For Detective Nigel Morrison's diligence in investigating the group of criminal mischief incidents and pursuing the matter until the suspect was apprehended, our community recognizes him as a hero.

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