Eduardo Fields
Neighbor - North Miami Beach - FL

Eduardo Fields Quick Action Resulted in 3 Arrests
Eduardo Fields lives in the NMB neighborhood with his wife, Gwendolyn. He knows most of his neighbors by name and keeps watch for people that do not belong.
On several occasions he chased away trouble makers and recently his involvement resulted in three burglars being arrested.

He saw a crime about to happen and called the police. He stayed involved and let the police dispatcher know where the get-a-way car was and which house the burglars broke into. It is neighbors like Eduardo that exemplify what it is to be a good neighbor.

When asked why he got involved, Mr. Fields said "it is the right thing to do." His wife of two years, Gwendolyn, who has lived in the neighborhood for 11 years, said she was very proud of her husband.

Eduardo repairs and replaces doors and windows and paints and plasters. Since he is self employed he is in and out of the neighborhood on an irregular schedule. That has put him in a position to help keep our neighborhood safe before.

For his involvement in making our neighborhood safer, Eduardo Fields has been designated a community hero.
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