Ro'i Klein
Major, Israel Defense Forces - Israel

Commander Jumps on Grenade to save His Troups.
Major Ro'i Klein volunteered to lead his unit, the Golani Brigade Battalion 51 into battle in the second Lebanon war. Major Klein was a distinguished commander, brilliant Saxophone player, intellectual genius that graduated with a degree in engineering with Honors and a Torah scholar. He was married and the father of two sons.

On July 26, 2006, in Bint J'beil, his unit was ambushed and a terrorist threw a grenade toward them. Ro'i courageously jumped on the grenade to save his men. His body took the brunt of the explosion and many soldiers were saved because of his heroic act. He shouted "Shema Yisrael" as he gave his life to save others and make our world a better place to live. He never saw his 31st birthday.

For his actions during the war, Klein received the Medal of Courage posthumously, The Medal of Courage is the Israel Defense forces' second highest honor. For his bravery, our community recognizes Major Ro'i Klein as a hero.
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