Liviu Librescu
Professor, Virginia Tech

Professor Blocks Door With His Body To Save His Students From Gunman.
When Viirginia Tech was the site of a gunman shooting to death many students, not everyone was running for safety. Professor Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor, heard the sounds of shooting and quickly ran to block the door with his body as the gunman tried to enter. This act of courage provided time for many of his students to climb out the window to safety.

Liviu Librescu was an Israeli engineering and math professor that taught at Virginia Tech for 20 years. He was well known and respected for his work in aeronutical engineering. Professor Librescu responded to the crises by thinking about those that were always on his mind, his students.

For his courage in protecting his students and saving their lives even at the cost of his own, our community honors Professor Liviu Librescu as our hero.
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