Give 5 Minutes: Save A Jewish Person

Take 5 Minutes a Month And Help Save A Jewish Person.

Last Sunday I met with Jonathan Pollardís sister-in-law and brother-in-law. They asked that I thank every one of our readers who has taken the time to send an e-mail to President Bush on behalf of Jonathan Pollard.

They said Jonathan is so grateful for each person who takes the time to send the e-mail, daven or call the Whitehouse. They mentioned the ultimate success will be when Jonathan Pollard is released from prison. But in the mean time, Jonathanís health is deteriorating and his circumstances are intolerable. Surviving day to day is only with Hashemís help and with knowing there are fellow Jews out there working for his release.

His sister-in-law said as Esther and Jonathan learn of each e-mail that is sent on behalf of Jonathan it gives them the strength to continue to survive and wait for the day that Hashem frees Jonathan.

My friends, for that reason alone, I ask you with all my heart that you make it a point to log in once a month and send the President an e-mail asking for Jonathan Pollardís freedom. Please also ask your friends to do the same and to daven on his behalf. (Yehonoson ben Malka).

We can make a difference.
We must make a difference.
We will make a difference.
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