Remember Jonathan Pollard now!

Now is the time to call and e-mail the President:

Free Jonathan Pollard!

You have registered at this site before so all you have to do is login and send. Your name, City and State will automatically appear unless you delete it from the bottom of the letter.

Click below to go directly to the automated letter.


Call: 202-456 -1111 or 202-456-1414

(Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM - Eastern DST)

Every phone call is important. Everyone is encouraged to start calling and e-mailing the White House daily, repeatedly, until Jonathan is home in Jerusalem, alive and well.

Presidential clemencies are traditionally signed precisely at this time and prisoners are freed in advance of the holiday to go home to their families. What finer gesture could President Bush make to the People of Israel than Freedom for Jonathan Pollard?

Mr. Bush has but 6 weeks left in office. These weeks are a time of grace, when the out-going president traditionally grants clemencies to prisoners. There is no legal or moral reason that requires the president to wait until his last day in office to grant clemency. Call and e-mail the White House today! Please, Mr. President, send Jonathan Pollard home!

Together we will make a difference.

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