3 Main Goals of JewishNewsSite.org

1. Create a platform allowing members of each Jewish Community around the world to be more unified and involved within the community and more aware of overall community news especially when members attend different shuls and schools. To create that awareness, and the involvement and unity that comes from awareness, the following are among the many features included:"

a) Notices of Shalom Zachors, Shiurim, News, new familys moving in and upcoming Events of each community will be e-mailed weekly to subscribers of a community requesting it .

b) Notices of Funerals and Shiva will be e-mailed ASAP to those within their community requesting them. E-mails will be by community, not shul.

c) Inspiring stories will also be sent to create a balance.

d) Any member of any community may immediately post and regularly update emergency information to mobilize the resources and people of a City, County, State or the World when the situation warrants.

2. Keep the NMB Jewish Community in the spotlight so that appropriate government attention and resources are provided to make that tremendous community's streets safe to walk again.

3. Create an easy method to request that our President and Senators grant Jonathan Pollard his freedom. His punishment has been grossly disproportionate when compared to the sentences of others who spied for allied nations. It is even disproportionate to those that spied for enemy nations.

The program has a pre-written, pre-addressed letter to the President of the United States and one's US Senators (based upon the state entered.) The letter can be easily modified to personalize the letter or create a new letter.

You are invited and encouraged to make suggestions for improving the site and for reaching the goals.

Together we will make a difference.
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