Keep Urgent Matters Updated Timely

When there is no time to waste and assistance of the community or the world is needed, Any member of any Jewish Community can post to the "Updated Urgent Matters" Section and update it as needed.

JSN now provides the vehicle for any user to immediately post and update important information. All that is needed is registering, entering the information and then editing it as the situation requires.

It is most effective if new information is added to the top and above that, the date and time of the last entry posted. An e-mail is sent about twice a week to Users that signed up to receive notice of Updated Urgent Matters. In addition to receiving e-mails, everyone interested in a particular matter can check regularly for updates.

Providing immediate and continuous information about:

1. A missing person allows volunteers to begin searching immediately and with all known details. It also allows persons with resources to aid in a search to deploy them to the right people without delay.

2. A victim of a tragedy allows the world to immediately offer assistance and say tehillim without delay and continue as long as there is a need.

3. A person with in need of a rare blood type in need of a trasfusion will result in those the world over that can help stepping forward in time to save a life.

B'ezras Hashem, there will not be a need to disseminate emergency information on an urgent basis and update it regularly, but if there is such a need, I hope this site will make the task more effective and easier.

Together we will make a difference.
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