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11/25/2012 The State Of Kashrut Today: A Symposium NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL / US
12/26/2011 What was accomplished? what was not?
12/22/2011 How Do We Reduce Easily Preventable Crime?
10/27/2011 Life Ends At Eight? , / US
08/27/2010 Men's Clothoing Sale At Shaaray Tefilah NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL / US
08/05/2010  NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL / US
11/19/2009 Help Complete A Mission For A Camp  Simcha Special Camper.
05/19/2009 A Neighbor Creates An Institution In 2 Years.
05/05/2009 NMB has a new Mayor, Myron Rosner and two new
04/26/2009 Meet Carmen Kienzle Candidate For Councilman
04/26/2009 Meet Jennie Torres-Lewis  Candidate For Councilwoman
04/26/2009 Meet Hans Mardy Candidate For Councilman
04/26/2009 Meet Barbara Kramer Candidate For Councilwoman
04/12/2009 Meet Councilman Frantz Pierre, Candidate For Re-election
04/12/2009 Meet Kenneth A. De Fillipo, Candidate For Councilman,
04/05/2009 Meet Councilwoman Phyllis Smith, Candidate For Re-election

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